How long does it last?

We date stamp each box but if in doubt you have 3 days from the day of delivery if bought online.

How do I store it?

Our packaging is designed to keep things chilled until you get home. Upon receipt, unbox the containers and stack in the fridge until use. Just remember to bring out of the fridge an hour or so before use for extra bubble gains.

Is it easy?

Yes, my 3 year old can do it. If in doubt summon your inner pizza god and follow the step by step guide.

Is my dough ok?

We freeze the dough down to minus 40 to stop the fermentation process, so that it gently thaws out on the journey to your door. When it arrives the dough will have started to ferment and might bubble up to the top of the container. It might look a little scary but don’t worry, this is all adding to the flavour of your dough.

What do I need?

A large frying pan, 10-12 inches, a grill or oven on full blast, a clean work surface and a love for pizza.

Where’s my order?

You will receive notifications and tracking info to the number and email address you placed your order with on the morning of delivery. If there is an issue please contact us here.

Can I freeze it?

Dough-Re-Me kits are NOT suitable for freezing.

There is a problem with my delivery/product

If there is an issue and you aren’t happy please get in touch with us and let us know. We will do our best to make it right for you.

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