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Lockdown Delivery Review: DIY Pizza Kit from Dough-Re-Me

“…The packaged and insulated box contained everything we needed to create two margarita pizzas, including the dough, the tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan, flour, fresh basil, olive oil and even a bit of pepper to sprinkle on top at the end.

…these beauties really are very easy to make.

They’re also satisfying too, as you knead the dough and shape it onto your frying pan, and while the bottom cooks you add the ingredients. Once done, pop it under the grill and the dough will bubble up and crisp up and become the perfect base for some lovely, fresh toppings.

This is where the kit from Dough-Re-Me really shone, compared to others I’ve had – the dough. It was excellent… Both pizzas rose, bubbled and crisped up perfectly, even with my dodgy hands and poor motor skills.

I’ve always said that the dough is the most important part of any pizza and it seems like Dough-Re-Me think so too.

So in around 15 minutes we were sat in front of the telly scoffing our faces with some truly excellent pizzas. I’ve taken to dipping my crusts in Aioli – which I know isn’t too healthy but it’s much healthier than that garlic stuff that Dominos makes. And tastier.

Anyway, give Dough-Re-Me a shout if you’re looking for some top-notch, authentic Neapolitan pizzas at home – you can’t go wrong. Oh, and they’ll deliver ANYWHERE too.”

Read the full review on Manchester’s Finest here.


Is it possible to make restaurant-level pizza at home?

“When the box arrived I could see that this kit had been well-thought-through and the instructions didn’t look too complicated…

Once done you’ve got restaurant quality Neapolitan pizza. We added some extra toppings as we had some salami left over from a previous meal, but that’s the beauty of making your own pizzas.

The crusts that developed from the dough were some of the best I’ve had and I was a little put out that I didn’t have any aioli dip to go with them. You could certainly tell that you had prepared this from fresh ingredients – this was definitely not a frozen pizza.” – Georgina Hague, Manchester Confidential


“It’s safe to say that keeping staff morale high during a global pandemic has been a hard thing to do, especially when we’ve all been forced to work remotely for over a year! However, it’s also safe to say there’s little a good bit of pizza can’t cure, and when we came across Dough-Re-Me while planning our next virtual work social, we knew it had potential to really boost morale and help the team shake off the lockdown blues.

With just over 20 staff, we contacted Vicky and the Dough-Re-Me team to place a corporate order and are so happy we did! Vicky was great to deal with, really friendly and quick to answer any questions we had. With our team scattered across the country, we were a bit skeptical about how the delivery would pan out, but I’m pleased to say that the entire process was absolutely seamless. The kits arrived on time, were well packaged and insulated, and all of the ingredients were fresh. We used Zoom to host our virtual pizza night and everyone involved raved about the size of the kits and most importantly the quality of both the dough and the additional ingredients – even our resident vegans were impressed! Best of all, the kits contained absolutely everything you’d need to easily make fresh, delicious pizza at home which allowed us to focus on socialising and enjoying ourselves. 

Thank you to Vicky and the Dough-Re-Me team for helping us up our virtual social game and providing high quality food and service! Great idea! 

Rachael Sammut, Blue Claw

“Just wanted to send a massive thank you! Ordered your kit through Virgin. It was delivered this morning and enjoyed this evening! Everything was faultless. It’s so nice and refreshing to have such a flawless transaction without any issues! Nice that you use a decent delivery company so it was delivered perfectly. The contents of the parcel were amazing! It was so fun cooking it… my friend and I had Alexa on and a glass (or 2!) of wine in hand whilst following the instructions with great ingredients. The result was flawless and amazingly tasty pizzas and cookies. Thank you so much for putting the time and care into your service.”

Emma Ballard


“From the initial enquiry about a large corporate booking to that post pizza satisfying slump in the sofa, Dough Re-Me and their team were just outstanding!

We were very impressed with the quick and efficient communication from Vicky and her ability to help us at Elements personalise our pizza kits to ensure a fun and unique experience for our team. They made it very easy for us to order a large number of kits (91) for our employees who are located all around the UK and to adhere to any dietary requirements we had. Everyone was blown away by the taste and the freshness of the dough, the joy of crafting our own pizzas with family and friends and provided an inclusive activity for our Mental Health Awareness Week. Thanks Dough Re-Me”

Rhian Denton, Elements


“Hello Vicky and everyone at Dough-Re-Me. I just wanted to say how impressed we all were with our pizza kits!

Every single person who received a kit in the team was over the moon with them, they were delicious and I for one cannot wait to order one again some time soon so thank you very much from everyone here at Cloud International!”

Meghan Roberts, Cloud International


Hi Vicky, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for saving our Christmas team lunch and delivering these delicious pizza kits! All my colleagues were extremely happy with the results and we had so much fun while we were making them. Dough-Re-Me became an instant favourite and I’m sure you will hear from us again! Thank you!

Brigi, London


“Another day, another pizza. Bought another wonderful kit from @doughremepizza! So easy to follow and honestly makes such a gorgeous pizza

All the ingredients you need to make 2 perfect sourdough pizzas all with fresh ingredients” – @cookingwithchin


“Pizza of my dreams! Thanks @dough_reme amazing pizza kit and a genius way to cook it at home.” – Corrie


“Thank you so much for the pizza kit you delivered to me last week. I LOVED it. Great idea, taste was amazing and great experience.” – Lyndsey


“Pizza was amazing – thank you. Superb … such fun and tasted delicious. I’m ordering for next week. Recommending to everyone.” – Mrs Ford


“Delish pizza, thank you. It tasted brill and was very easy to make.” – Emily Lees


All the ingredients needed to make a delicious and fresh Neopolitan pizza at home…

“…The kit comes with the ingredients to make a simple Margarita, however there are no rules when it comes to building your own pizza, meaning you can add whatever toppings you please. There’s something both therapeutic and satisfying about making pizza at home, and this kit from Dough-Re-Me will build your confidence if you’ve never delved into the world of at home pizza making.” – The Glass Magazine

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